Sterlite Technologies Limited aims to be FITT – Forward Thinking, Innovative, Trusted & Talented. Today, our 2500+ employees around the world continue to enable the company's success. They create quality and innovative products, services and solutions for our customers.

At the heart of our organisation, is the philosophy of the 'You factor'. We follow an all-encompassing approach to Human Capital Management and strongly believe that today's employees no longer look at an employer to make his / her career decisions. Sterlite's talent management approach is also reflective of this belief, where structured avenues are created for overall employee development. Here employees have the opportunity to learn, develop, grow and perform to their fullest potential.

Choose the career of your choice

At Sterlite Technologies, we are focused on recognising the true potential & skills in our employees and empower & retain them in every way possible. Sterlitians are open to cross-functional opportunities to help them expand their horizons and learn in real-life situations…thus, creating more leaders at every level!

  • At Sterlite Technologies, Research & Development is the tool to deliver innovative solutions to some of the digital world’s toughest challenges. It attracts some of the finest researchers from around the world to our state-of-the-art facilities to create breakthrough products, value-added solutions & services.

  • Our Operations Management team is among the best in the world with capabilities to ensure products are manufactured in the most efficient, cost-effective manner while meeting customer standards & requirements.

  • Total satisfaction assuring our customers innovation, cost optimisation and digital infrastructure development is the aim of our Engineering Excellence division. Our reputed team is a forerunner in the industry in bringing the very best to both our customers and stakeholders.

  • As Sterlite Technologies’ market share soars exponentially, the opportunities for a career in finance grows year-to-year. At Sterlite, the team believes in being accurate and up-to-date with financial information and techniques. If you match our aptitude for perfection, we are open to bring you just the right experience.

  • Sterlite Technologies believes in attracting the right talent, motivating them to hone their skill sets and match them to careers for which they are best suited. Our Human Resources accomplish this by directing the administrative functions of human resource departments.

  • Our Marketing team attracts creative and passionate individuals who can match perception of the market with achievable action plans. If you are a self-starter who can manage multiple tasks, our marketing team provides the right environment and exposure.

  • With smart technologies driving global revolution, we at Sterlite Technologies are committed to bring the latest and the most futuristic services and solutions to our customers. Our team is at the forefront of the Digital India campaign. If you wish to be a part of this global digital revolution, our IT team is the right place to be.

  • Our world-class Supply Chain Management team is made up of experienced hands with impressive credentials. They analyse every phase of the supply chain, from design to distribution, in order to maximise performance and drive competitiveness for our clients.

  • With major turnkey to defence projects always in the orderbooks, Sterlite Technologies is the right ground for young and aspiring Project Managers. Our dedicated team of Project Managers oversees multi-level projects from concept to reality with a sharp eye on deliverables.

Experienced Professionals

By joining Sterlite Technologies, you join the innovation race: A community of thought leaders and trail blazers who are committed to connect lives. So hop on aboard and enjoy the Sterlite life.

Our recruiting standards are high – expect to work with some great people.

You'll be joining a serious player in a market that continues to grow and change dramatically.

Our company is packed with talented and motivated people, creating a vibrant and successful team with excellent inter-personaland communications skills.We are always interested in hearing from experienced and bright individuals. Whether you come from a technical background or not, we offergreat opportunities to develop your career. The world is changing. Join us and help connect lives in the way only we can.

  • Our recruiting standards are high – expect to work with some great people.
  • You'll be joining a serious player in a market that continues to grow and change dramatically.
  • Our company is packed with talented and motivated people, creating a vibrant and successful team with excellent inter-personal
  • and communications skills.We are always interested in hearing from experienced and bright individuals. Whether you come from a technical background or not, we offer
  • great opportunities to develop your career. The world is changing. Join us and help connect lives in the way only we can.

The 'YOU' factor

Our career structure and culture are designed to encourage you to progress quickly into senior positions, if that is what you want. However, if you would rather stay in one role for a longer period, that can also be accommodated. Our flexible approach to your development allows you to choose the pace and direction of your career.

Application process

At Sterlite, we are very proud of our swift and professional recruitment process. You will be fully informed on what to expect and how to prepare for each stage. There should be no surprises. Everyone you meet will try their best to make you feel at ease, so you can expect an open and friendly reception. You can receive honest feedback on your performance at every stage of your process.


Sterlite doesn't just hire graduates. We hire the crème de la creme. We don't offer you a job. We offer you a career you have always dreamt of.

What are we looking for?

We accept applications from graduates and postgraduates of all degree disciplines. We are not looking for truckloads of experience; all we look for is that zeal to perform within you. We recruit all year round with no deadline.

The 'YOU' factor

The secret of our success is the people we recruit – and we're looking for the best.
Join us and you'll find that the focus is all about you. You're recognised and treated as an individual. The only constant is that you will be challenged and stretched, but within a supportive environment, working with some of the brightest minds in the business.


We are a technology company with a difference. If you enjoy devising creative solutions to difficult problems, and want to experience the buzz of working at the forefront of new markets and technologies, then apply to take part in one of our internships. Join us and you’ll see the effects of your work in how the whole world communicates – with the added bonus of dramatically increasing your marketability to future employers.

What to expect from your internship?

Your internship will be spent working with some of the best corporate professionals on projects that will ready you to take the bull by its horns. From day one, you'll work on challenging programming assignments within a team of creative and hard-working professionals. Just as with our new graduate starters, you will be assigned a mentor and a manager, who will give you a high level of support and expert guidance throughout your time with us. Have a go!

Sterlite is a multi-cultural and diversified employer. The composition of the organisation reflects the cosmopolitan image of the organisation. The company believes in developing talent from within and hence the company mostly hires young talent.

If you are a go-getter and ready for a challenging but rewarding career, you may send your resume by either of the options:

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I have been working with Sterlite for more than 12 years since Aug 2003 and witnessed the fast growth that Sterlite has experienced. We started fibre business from scratch in China 12 years ago and now we are having a local DT with 5M fkm capacity and doing 6M fkm fibre sales. I really feel proud of being a Sterlitian. I always believe that people are the most important assets and strong leadership is the driving force to achieve our goal and create our history.

Sterlite is young, humble, creative and full of energy. I strongly believe that we are on the right way and we will make our dream come true because we are Sterlitians.

Thomas Yang China

As part of the Latin American sales team for Sterlite for over 4 years, I have found it is a place where you are empowered and given the freedom to be creative in how you develop your business. Our core values are not just words on paper, but rather permeate throughout the organisation: our team is PASSIONATE about what we do, we find the most COMPETENT people in every area of expertise, and we do it all always in a HUMBLE way. I had worked with global teams in the past at companies based out of Japan, Sweden, Canada and the U.S.; being a part of a team headquartered in India has been a very rewarding, culturally enriching experience that has given me a more global perspective for doing business. I look forward to continue being a part of the Sterlite Family for the years to come as we take our business to the next level.

José Manuel Enriquez Mora, Mexico

You could work at one of the millions of organisations that exist but there are not many places, where you could go to build a career! I started my working life with Sterlite in 2005 and I vividly remember the day when I was interviewed for the position of a management trainee on November 29, 2005. The interview lasted just 40 minutes and I was hired in the 41st minute. Not only is this a continually improving company which applies its mind to any task at hand but also trusts its gut. If it’s right, it must feel right! If you understood what I meant, choose Sterlite.

  • If you are not afraid to fail, choose Sterlite.
  • If you want to never stop learning, choose Sterlite.
  • If you want your young shoulders to be loaded with responsibility, choose Sterlite.
  • If you want to be the king of your work and decide what and how you do it, choose Sterlite.
  • If you think that a machine can operate at more than 100% of its rated capacity, choose Sterlite.
  • If national boundaries mean nothing to you and you are ready to explore uncharted waters, choose Sterlite.

If you want to see what making a world of difference means, every day, join Sterlite!

Abhishek Sandhir, UK

Since joining STL in 2010, I have had an excellent professional and enriching journey. From a Management Trainee to an Account Manager today, I am responsible to develop our activities in the region and ensure that the products we offer meet the requirement of our customers. I especially like this role because it allows me to build strong relationships with my customers providing them local support and excellent customer service.
In various interviews I had during my hiring process, I had the privilege to interact with simple, dynamic and friendly people in tune with the culture of their organisation.

Excellence and sense of responsibility are values which I particularly appreciate at STL. If you are committed and are good at what you do, STL will provide a truly motivating and dynamic workplace and give you lot of opportunities to develop your skills and grow.

Working at STL is a unique experience. I am honoured to work for such a company where the managers listen to their team members, believe in their potential and provide them with growth opportunities.

Nawa Coulibaly, Nigeria

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